Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shopping and Fabric buying

I went fabric shopping at the Del Amo mall yesterday and bought the most amazing yellow fabric!
I haven't made any thing with it yet, but i did make a white and orange giraffe print bag.
Since my mom and I were out we stopped by H&M and looked at their new Garden Collection, in which most of the clothing was a light pastel pink. I'm not sure if I like the collection or if I hate it, but I bought a dress anyways. It too is light pink and it has lots of fabric flowers on the shoulders.
There is a big difference between shopping and buying fabric in my opinion. When people shop, they aimlessly roam around stores looking for something that might not even be there. Shopping is laid back and relatively low key for me, I go, and look around my favorite store and pick out at least 7 items to try on. First I make sure it fits and looks good, and then I look at the price tag, and decide whether or not iI want to buy it. However, people who buy fabric know almost exactly what they want, and if its not there they will find the closest darned thing and call it a day. When I buy fabric price is usually not the issue, and I don't try on my fabric because that would be weird and inappropriate if I did. I feel the fabric, look at the washing instructions, and think how it would look on someone. Generally people in clothing stores aren't very friendly, or social. They appear to be sulking around looking at the hangers and going about 2 mph. On the other hand, people in fabric stores are friendly, upbeat and excited about what they are getting. When you pass someone in an aisle you might even get a smile and a "Hello."
Thank you to my followers! I'll post again tomorrow.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good Morning

How ironic, my first post on my new blog is in the morning.
I am a young designer with new ideas and ways to create.
I make bags headbands, and most recently, skirts and tanktops.
Here are some of my designs (above).