Friday, July 9, 2010

San Diego

(I have made two new headbands for my collection. One of which has a large white bow on it, and the other one has a smaller white bow on it and a button. )
When I go to San Diego with my family chilling at the zoo, and hanging out at the pool will be very relaxing. I could tell you about how I really don't want to suffer around the bad fashion in San Diego, but I won't because I'll be too busy with my family to notice/ care too much. Yes, I will be tempted to pull some people over and let them know the error of their ways, but I won't. I should put up banners letting all beach bums know that it isn't ever okay to wear socks with sandals, oversized ketchup stained sweatpants, or cheetah print gogo's but, hey, we all need to learn on our own time.
I'm not saying that everyone in San Diego is badly dressed, I'm sure there are fashionistas. My experience has made me a little prejudiced against unfashionable San Diego-an's because its not like they don't have the resources to be stylish. They have the beach! The zoo! The Sea World! All of these inspirations and yet little results. Maybe San Diego will surprise me when I go. Maybe it won't. Bottom line, I won't be able to focus on that because I will be with my family.
Those of you who know me, know that I can be a sweet, sweet girl, but those of you who know me better know that I have a weakness when it comes to fashion.
I will have a good time looking at lions, tigers and bears (oh my!), watching Glee with my cuz, and jumping into cold pools. It might even be refreshing when I come home to see that most of the people in my town dress pretty decently.

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