Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pink And Red Most Certainly Go

I was helping my mother choose her outfit for Christmas day with the family, and suggested she wear a pink sweater on top of a white shirt decorated with beautiful red flowers.
She made a face and told me "Pink and red don't go!"
I replied "They most certainly do 'go'!"
I would like to know who told people that pink and red don't 'go'!
Who is to say what goes now a days anyway?
People wear brown with black, denim with denim, bright neon green with bright neon purple, and maroon with even more maroon (Rihanna).
And to be quite honest, it usually looks really nice!
In fact, I would even dare to say it "goes"!
Especially in this holiday season full of mashing silver and gold who can say that pink and red are a bad combination?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


(Sorry If the image is sideways)
Today is the shortest day of the year!
I think its very inconvenient to have the shortest day in the week before Christmas, when people need long days the most.
But since there is nothing we can do, we might as well enjoy it.
I'm enjoying this day by sketching, and later I'll do a little Christmas shopping.
Gotta get those stocking stuffers..
Anyways, enjoy my sketch!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back To the Basics

This has to be one of my favorites!
It took me 3 tries to make the bow just right, and even more tries to get the bow on the headband with no stiches showing.
I dont know what to name this headband...
It'll come to me eventually, but for now we'll just call it the bow-iest headband.

Friday, December 17, 2010

I Simply Remember My Favorite Things...

And then I don't FEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL sooooo bad!
Its been pretty rainy lately, and rain kinda gets me down.
I like having at least 15 minutes of sun shine every day.
Sooooo, today I got my sunshine by putting together a collage of my favorite stuff.
The books are some of my favorites, and one of them Generation T, started my love of making clothes.
I made all the headbands in the picture, and the bouquet of pink flowers is from JoAnns Fabrics.
The blue high heels are from Fergalicious by Fergie, and the maroon are Sofft.
The little blue elephant is a gift form one of my friends from her familys trip to Thailand, and the small painted piggy is from my other friend. I think its from her trip to Germany...
The fabric underneath it all is actually my favorite scarf :)
I dont want to seem matrialistic.
These are just some of my important belongings, and they make me happy.
"When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad...
I simply remember my favorite things, and then I dont feel so bad"- The Sound of Music

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Express Yourself

I took all of my old jeans that recently "shrunk in the wash" and have made them into art!
My white-and-blue striped shorts express my love of the beach (while they also show off my horrible drawing abilities).
My dark blue shorts represent how things can seem complex from one point of view, and more simple from another.
The light blue jean shorts show joyfulness and all the fun there is in the world!
And my medium wash jean shorts have a story written on them that tells the story of a girl who decided to make and art project out of her old clothes.
I am planning on hanging them up on a clothes line across the wall in my bedroom.
My creative idea behind this is: it expresses how high and dry a person can feel sometimes, but if they just make lemons into lemonade it can turn into something cool.
My less creative idea is: it will look very cool!
(I also have some pictures of some headbands I made recently... so yea... not as cool as the shorts :) )

Sorry if some of the photos are doubles, im just getting used to uploading on this site.