Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pink And Red Most Certainly Go

I was helping my mother choose her outfit for Christmas day with the family, and suggested she wear a pink sweater on top of a white shirt decorated with beautiful red flowers.
She made a face and told me "Pink and red don't go!"
I replied "They most certainly do 'go'!"
I would like to know who told people that pink and red don't 'go'!
Who is to say what goes now a days anyway?
People wear brown with black, denim with denim, bright neon green with bright neon purple, and maroon with even more maroon (Rihanna).
And to be quite honest, it usually looks really nice!
In fact, I would even dare to say it "goes"!
Especially in this holiday season full of mashing silver and gold who can say that pink and red are a bad combination?

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