Thursday, December 16, 2010

Express Yourself

I took all of my old jeans that recently "shrunk in the wash" and have made them into art!
My white-and-blue striped shorts express my love of the beach (while they also show off my horrible drawing abilities).
My dark blue shorts represent how things can seem complex from one point of view, and more simple from another.
The light blue jean shorts show joyfulness and all the fun there is in the world!
And my medium wash jean shorts have a story written on them that tells the story of a girl who decided to make and art project out of her old clothes.
I am planning on hanging them up on a clothes line across the wall in my bedroom.
My creative idea behind this is: it expresses how high and dry a person can feel sometimes, but if they just make lemons into lemonade it can turn into something cool.
My less creative idea is: it will look very cool!
(I also have some pictures of some headbands I made recently... so yea... not as cool as the shorts :) )

Sorry if some of the photos are doubles, im just getting used to uploading on this site.

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  1. This blog is so girly it's not even funny! ;) Thanx for your comment, and keep those sketches coming! :D