Saturday, August 7, 2010

Do You Mind?

A question I get more often then I would like is "Do you mind if I copy you?"
And my answer is always no.
I wouldn't lie about that. I really don't mind if one of my friends sees some of my work and then decides that they would like to make bags, or headbands, or even cut their hair like mine.
I can't own any of these things.
I don't own bag making, headband designing or even my haircut.
I think if you like doing something then it doesn't matter if some else did it before you.
Do we tell artists they can't paint because cave people were drawing long before them?
Or do we discourage new teachers to teach because people have been teaching longer then them.
Copying is a serious thing to accuse someone of.
If one of m friends used my specific designs then that would be copying, but if they drew inspiration from the little I've done, then I'm flattered beyond imagination.
So my friends, if you're reading this, please stop asking for permission to sew. I don't own it, and neither can anyone else. It's what you make of it, and I encourage everyone to enjoy it with all of their hearts.

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