Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's 2011.
Well technically it was 2011 8 days ago, but whatever.
Happy New Year + 8 days.
What does this mean for fashion? I'm predicting that we're going to start seeing long skirts, earthy colors, and neutrals with more neutrals. I think Gretchen Jones (winner of Project Runway) had the right idea with her wining collection. It was very earthy and cool looking. Even though I REALLY wanted Mondo to win, I believe Gretchen's designs were more fashion forward. Speaking of Project Runway, I can't wait for it to start again! I love how it speaks to young designers, letting them know that you can make it in the fashion industry if you really want to.
Last year my new years resolution was to be a vegetarian, and I'm sticking to it this year. I used to think new years resolutions were kind of stupid, but they're just so fun to make! This year my new years resolution is to buy a dress form. I think I really need one if I'm going to start making more complex pieces. So here I go, saving up for one. The hard part about saving money is trying not to spend it. If your only saving for one thing a jar works just fine, but then that jar is always there. Everyday, just begging you to spend it on something you probably don't need. Willpower is important when it comes to new year resolutions.

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