Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Middle Finger

It finally happened. I sewed my middle finger with the sewing machine. I knew that it would happen, but I had no idea which finger it would happen to. I was sewing a bag and reached right in the needles line of fire trying to pull out a pin. I broke the needle and severely hurt my sewing machines ego. I mean really, it couldn't even handle skimming my finger. What a shameful sewing machine.
I only put a small dent in my love for sewing, and as soon as I learn how to replace a needle I will be sewing more.
I went fabric shopping and bought $100 dollars worth of fabric and ribbon its just a bummer that I cant sew it right now.
I have to go put a band aid on my finger. Bye!


  1. Oh, I have done that! I was recovering a coach, which is a ridiculous undertaking I recommend to no-one, and went right through my finger with a big upholstery needle. I'm sorry it happened and you broke your needle. Replacing it is pretty simple, mine has a little screw you loosen and slide out the old. :)

  2. This morning I broke another needle and your machine is like mine. Thank you :)