Thursday, May 13, 2010


I have been neglecting my blog. I'm sorry blog...
Now that I've said sorry I feel less guilty.
Anyways, I made a bag to give to one of my picky clients, and this person didn't like it. This person has done this to me twice now, and its not like i did something completely stupid looking, but whatever...
So I'm making a new one :) Its very cute and silly and fresh. With a green background and white daisies for the main part of the bag and then diamond shaped pieces of yellow fabric stitched on top. They aren't stitched around the edges, they are about an inch away so that the edges kinda move in the wind or if the person holding the bag is walking fast. I love it more than the first bag, so I guess good things happen when customers are picky. I looked up customer in my dictionary, and it said
customer (kust tem mer) n. 1. a patron, buyer, or shopper. 2. a person one has to deal with.
Then I looked up "what is good customer service" online and from an article got the idea that if the customer is happy, then thats good service.
I'm hoping to put the finishing touches on the bag to night and give them to the customer tomorrow. If they are happy, then I have succeeded in my goal of being a good saleslady.
( thought to self *Even though it was good for me to remake this bag, if the client asks again I might ask them to make it themselves and to go poke their finger on a pin while at it. Do you know how many pins it took to get all of those yellow swatches straight? More than you would expect!)
I'll always remember to put the client first, because when their happy, my job has been done correctly.

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  1. Gave the person the bag, and they loved it!